Propane Roaster

All in One Pig Roaster and Cooking Center
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The Roaster does exactly what you say it does. It has attracted many new customers to my catering business and makes life easier and more profitable for me.

Ivan, Culinary Artistry, Ontario

The Pig Roast was the talk of the festival again, it was awesome!

Paolo Miele, Ontario

We roasted over 200 pigs last year and have just purchased a second roaster. We get perfect results, cleaning is easy and it looks great. We have been very pleased with the durability of the roaster and the service provided by PigOut.

Highland Packers, Wholesale Meat

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Table top carving stand for buffet presentation. - does not include pole and clamp system ..


Will hold up to a 80 LB Pig on a pole! Use with the Handle Meat Tray to bring a cooked pig ready ..


The PigOut® BBQ Rotisserie Basket is ideal for roasting or smoking a variety of meats and vegetables..


Convert your PigOut® Roaster to a BBQ grill and steam table. Ideal for large groups using 2 BBQ gril..


The PigOut® BBQ Smoker Box uses moist wood chips to add smoky flavor to your meats and fish. Smoke d..


Handled Meat Tray makes delivery and serving easy and hygienic. ..


Place the PigOut® BBQ Rib Rack on top of the BBQ racks and slow roast 8 racks of ribs in each rack. ..


The PigOut® Porchetta Rod Set are a unique system used to hold boneless and stuffed meat securely du..


PigOut® Lower Roasting Rack (CPOR 60) holds 2 Racks for slow cooking at the base of your roaster. Id..